AL RIFAI is one of the leading roasters in Lebanon with a chain of stores selling roasted nuts worldwide. The brand worked on changing the perception and values of nuts in the Middle East; Nuts have been upgraded to the value of delicacies and savoury items that are consumed occasionally. 

This project was worked on during my employment as a graphic designer at Republique.

Option 1: Simple and refined
Limited edition pack: The idea is to have a collector’s item every season. The brand would commission an artist, such as the Lebanese fashion designer Zouhair Murad to design the pack and to prepare a mix of nuts according to his taste.
Option 2: A simple package targeting the mass.
Limited Edition Pack: the design is based on portraits of Lebanese people laughing. (A survey showed that the majority of people in the region eat nuts when socializing. The ambience is always light and fun.)
INNOCENT is the diet line of Al Rifai nuts.
Option 1
Option 2
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