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EAT A RAINBOW is a young product from GNT. GNT is the global market leader in Coloring Foods and a trusted partner to the food and beverage industry. Developed a new brand strategy Conducted interviews and surveys to understand consumer behaviors and needs Explored and interpreted new market trends Defined the target audience Analyzed market opportunities Proposed solutions and insights for market and product positioning Designed a new brand identity This was a team work, part of the Masters Design Management program at IED Barcelona.

Eat A Raibow is a product from GNT.  It is made of fruit and vegetable concentrates, which contain significantly higher levels of phytonutrients than standard juice concentrates. 
*The GNT Group develops and processes food ingredients made from edible fruits and vegetables, currently the main focus is on the function of ‘colour’ and in this respect using fruits, vegetables and edible plants as the most natural healthy and clean-label way of imparting colour to food and drink. GNT operates worldwide through its subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
GNT Position in the Market: estimated 50% Market Share within Colouring Foods,
worldwide Leadership.

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