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Hostelco by Fira Barcelona: The International Restaurant, Hotel and Community Equipment Exhibition is an international benchmark which brings together experiences, innovations and tailor-made solutions for experts. A biennial show for trade professionals and an international benchmark in its sector, featuring 518 companies from 33 countries and sector, over 1.200 brand names, plus 55.000 agents, manufacturers and buyers from 106 countries. Challenge: How to communicate and exprience innovation in Hostelco? Solution: This concept is about experiencing the future trends in hospitality in an innovative and engaging way. The idea is to have a team of researchers that would forecast the future trends in hospitality. Exhibitors will then be able to apply the trends to the development of their products and services. In collaboration with different professionals, the concept would also be translated into a live area at Hostelco. This living area would be fully designed with exhibitors products, while allowing its visitors to test and interact with these products. The space would function as an interactive innovation area where memorable experiences happen. Hostelco’s platform offers value to its exhibitors and visitors by providing quality connections, directions to the future and real experiences. Hospitality is all about the people. This project was developed with: Carmo Requejo Amanda Quiambao Pamela Kaikati

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